City of Marburg

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The south side of the Landgrave Castle welcomes visitors from afar Marburg Lutheran church in the evening light A popular destination is the Kaiser-Wilhelm-tower or tower called Spiegelslust
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Historical old town

Fascinating narrow lanes, crooked steps, superbly restored half-timbered houses and venerable old churches. The old town of Marburg invites you to wander and to spend a little time to appreciate its own special charm. Everywhere you are confronted with clues and evidences which document the lives of the great who lived here. Such figures as the Brothers Grimm, Martin Luther and the Nobel prize winner Emil von Behring all left their mark.

On the central market-place is the late gothic town hall from the early 16th century which is today just as it always was, the centre of a pulsating civic life. For over 400 years one could see and hear every full hour the same amusing spectacle. From the renaissance gable on the roof of the town hall an old cockerel flaps his (somewhat lame!) wings to the accompaniment of harsh, tinny trumpet blasts.
The churches of the old town are places of quiet and stillness in the middle of busy urban surroundings.

In the gothic Lutherian Parish church of St. Mary is the oldest parish church in Marburg with its characteristically leaning steeple (Lutherischer Kirchhof 1, Tel.: 06421-3400695, Monday - Sunday 8am - 6pm).

The University Church from the beginning of the 14th century, a half a millennium older than the neogothic Old University built on to it at the foot of the old own (Reitgasse, Tel.: 06421-23745);

The Kugelkirche (=ball church) from the early 16th century and named after the "Kugelherren" who wore a ball-like head covering (Kugelgasse 8, Tel.: 06421-913910, Monday - Friday 8am - 6 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6 pm).

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