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The south side of the Landgrave Castle welcomes visitors from afar Marburg Lutheran church in the evening light A popular destination is the Kaiser-Wilhelm-tower or tower called Spiegelslust
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Church of St. Elizabeth

"Yesterday we were in the Church of St. Elizabeth. The frost around the tower’s tip was melted by the sun to a diamond, in all of the little rosettes diamond droplets hung; and the circle of roses that is intricately sculpted in the stone around the portal was a crown of diamonds!”
Bettina von Arnim, poet

Elisabethkirche (neues Fenster)St. Elizabeth - who was this woman, whose residency, death and burial mark the beginning of history for Hessen?

At the age of twelve Elizabeth, daughter of the king of Hungary, married the Thuringian Landgrave Ludwig IV to whom she had been betrothed since earliest childhood. Elizabeth could not accept the pompous royal life, but strived to realise her personal ideals - piety and selfless care of the poor and sick.

In 1227 Ludwig dies in Italy on his way to the Holy Land on a Crusade. Without her husband’s sheltering protection hard times befall Elizabeth. She is excluded by the successors, abandons the Wartburg in Eisenach and finally finds refuge on the extreme outskirts of the landgrave’s territory in Marburg.

With great vigour and sacrifice she establishes a hospital and distributes her possessions among the poor and sick. She reaches the age of only 24. On November 17th, 1231 she dies in Marburg, where her grave in the Chapel of St. Francis soon draws throngs of pilgrims from near and far.
As much as her relatives scorn Elizabeth during her life, after her death they pursue her canonization with equal fervour. Pope, emperor and landgrave agree to it quickly by 1235. In the next year and in the presence of the German emperor the saint’s remains are removed to a golden shrine that today is still among the most elaborate artefacts in the Church of St. Elizabeth.

The church is built 1235-1281 by the Teutonic Order over the grave of St. Elizabeth and remains one of the most impressive works of early gothic architecture.

Elisabeth Church:
Tel.: +49 (0)6421 - 65 573

Open except during services:
April - October: 9 am - 5 pm
November / January-March: 10 am - 4 pm
December: 10 am - 5 pm
Guided tours (only in German):
April - October: Mon - Fri 3pm, Sun 11.15 am, Sat 3 pm.
During services it is not allowed to visit the church
Tickets: 2.50 € (reduced rate 2 €)

Tours of the Elisabeth Church outside the regular times and in languages ​​other than German can be organized by the Marburg Tourismus und Marketing GmbH,
Tel.: +49 (0)6421-99 120.
Here you can book online tours of the Elizabeth Church

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